The following articles written by members of the team at Preservation Trust Company provide in-depth insights on various trust issues and strategies, as well as why Nevada is the best situs for trust administration.

Overall Benefits of Administering a Trust with a Nevada Trustee

The Nevada Advantage: Why Nevada has Become the Leading Jurisdiction for Trusts

8 Reasons Nevada is a Leading Trust Situs

Dynasty Trusts

Fine-Tuning Dynasty Trusts as the Centerpiece of the Family Wealth Plan

Tax Benefits of Nevada-Administered Trusts, Including NINGs

Avoid State Income Tax With the Right Kind of Trusts

Eliminating State Income Taxes with a NING Trust

Nevada Asset Protection Trusts

How to Use a Nevada Asset Protection Trust to Safeguard Your Assets

How to Protect Yourself in a Divorce Using A Domestic Asset Protection Trust

Asset Protection in the Desert: Nevada’s Rules, Recent Developments, and Advantages


Statute of Liberty—Nevada’s Decanting Statute