Client Advisors

Many of the trusts which name Preservation Trust Company as trustee do so on account of recommendations from the settlor’s attorney, accountant, investment advisors, or other professionals. We are very honored by the confidence these distinguished professionals have placed in us.

International Families

Many of the trusts we administer are established by settlors who are neither United States citizens, residents, or domiciliaries. They seek to establish trusts administered in Nevada for the benefit of family members who are citizens, residents, or domiciliaries.


Preservation Trust Company is conceived as a boutique trust company designed to afford highly personalized service to its clientele. Its directors, officers, and staff are focused laser-like on serving the interests of those seeking our services. We pride ourselves on being available at all hours because our clientele is in many different time zones. We also endeavor to respond to requests promptly, as the failure to do so is a common criticism we often hear about trust companies. Because of our considerable expertise in trust and tax matters, we are able to contribute insights on structuring and drafting of instruments. In particular, our officers have years of experience working with cross-border trusts and families, both domestic and international. Most of all, we are unwaveringly committed to the highest ethical and professional standards. Indeed, we have taken as our guiding watchwords in dealing with our clientele Loyalty Integrity Service