Client Advisors

Many of the trusts which name Preservation Trust Company as trustee do so on account of recommendations from the settlor’s attorney, accountant, investment advisors, or other professionals. We are very honored by the confidence these distinguished professionals have placed in us. We strive relentlessly to earn that confidence and to maintain it through repeated interactions with these professionals and their various clients.

Because we do not give legal, accounting, or investment advice, we are not competing with client advisors. Rather, we regard our task as facilitating your efforts in serving your clients as effectively as you possibly can. We take great pride in the long-term relationships that our  officers and directors have maintained over the years with professional advisors situated all over the globe.

Although we do not provide the professional services addressed above, we are always prepared to recommend professionals with whom we have worked, both in Nevada and outside, but ONLY to the extent such recommendations are sought.